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Recognise inner talents, says celebrated author

Lily B Libo-on / 26 February 2012

DUBAI — The next 20 years will be the most frightening time in business, but also the most inspiring time for leaders whose little acts of humility, daily innovations and maximisation will bring about a tsunami of change, said Robin Sharma, Canadian author during his talk, Leader Without A Title.

He was speaking to guests and members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (Abu Dhabi and Dubai) Chapters at the Dubai Men’s College Auditorium on Saturday.

Sharma, whose latest book The Leader Who Had No Title created waves of enthusiasm the world over, told the 1,150-strong audience that the old model of leadership that needs to have a title is now obsolete. “Before, if you were not a CEO, you could not show leadership. Now, leadership is not about a title or about a business card with your position but realising what makes you special and recognising the gifts that make you a genius.”

He also said that technology has brought a new way of life to people, but it should not take away the humaneness out of people. “In most cases, technology has made us forget how to be humane. The true mark of a leader is how big you are  when everyone is against you. Leadership is what you do when the whole world is looking at you. Fundamentally, leaders are those who trust their vision to get things to the next level even when no one trusts their capability to bring about such change,” he said.

Sharma said that leadership is about living by your values and developing others to become leaders. But many cannot do this because they are busy doing the wrong things. “Spend the best hours doing great things. Many of us spend most of the time doing fake things such us spending hours answering phone calls instead of focusing on real work.”

He stressed that to be productive, one should spend an hour a day at least without a mobile phone and other electronic devices and employ strategic rudeness by saying ‘No’ to people who distract him. One should choose specialisation over generalisation, start a day by doing five valuable things, and achieve things when it is difficult.


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