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Rahul Gandhi: The return of the lost prince
In India, the return of the prodigal son, after a mysterious 56-day disappearance from public life, kept the media, political parties and the general public riveted last week. They are hoping the break has done Rahul Gandhi a world of good and that he is now ready to take on the formidable Narendra Modi government and also the mantle of leadership of India’s oldest political party, the Congress.
Working to keep dad alive
The toddler who became the face of the successful kid meme has grown up into an eight-year-old boy who is facing reality, of a harsh kind.
School for hackers
Once a field of self-taught hackers, cybersecurity education shifts to universities
Saviour of free speech
Under the draconian Section 66A of India’s IT Act of 2000, half of the population could be in prison because the other half didn’t like it, explains Shreya Singhal who fought and won a three-year-long legal battle against the Union of India to repeal the law.
Why is Google in Europe’s crosshairs? It’s not just trust busting
Google is in many ways a victim of its own success in Europe.
How safe are kids in today’s world?
Falling chid mortality rates wordwide support the case of ‘free-range’ parenting.
Dare to dream
It is not every day that a 17-year-old boy from a small town in India makes it to the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Hurray for Hillary
Hillary Clinton declares her intent to run for president of the US of A. With not a candidate in sight within her own party to take her on (last time she ran into a young senator, Barack Obama, who pipped her to the post) and nary a whimper out of the Republican Party, will this be a cakewalk for the formidable former first lady?
Smriti Irani and the curious case of the peepingcams
India’s one-time television celebrity and current Human Resources Minister Smriti Irani has opened a can of worms when she blew the whistle on a camera that she found trained on the women’s changing room of a prominent chain store in India last week. Not one to mince words where needed, she is out to give the perpetrators of the offense their just desserts
Ban on beauty sleep in IKEA
The customers were simply coming into the stores and parking themselves on IKEA’s comfortable beds.
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