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ISIS threat
What is needed is a full-fledged operation against not only the ISIS but also their like-minded bodies, sympathisers and financial sponsors.
BCCI ways
The top boss Srinivasan has gone scot-free in this case.
Colour discrimination
This is in response to the letter on ‘colour discrimination’ (KT, November 20).
Inflated undue bills
Without my assent few of the new channels were added and I didn’t even know about them nor asked for it, and finally I was billed for it.
Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor
Media Matters
Reading just the one newspaper is not enough — specially in this day and age when so many media houses are agenda-driven that the same news can be spun in diametrically opposite ways by different newspapers.
Patriotic fervor
The colours of the flag — namely green, black, white and red — depict Arabian unity, deeds of benevolence, goodness and kindness.
Helpless Rohingya
Who will save the people of Rohingya in Myanmar? Who will support them? No one gives them food and shelter. Leave alone education and healthcare. Day by day, they will be homeless and stateless people.
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