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Politics for change in India
Blind folded men and women cannot be shown the path because he or she has voluntarily accepted to be ignorant.
European Union advice
I believe that the European Union will never accept Turkey as a member because they have been dangling this carrot for far too long with unceasing demands.
Sydney siege aftermath
The Sydney siege is nothing but clearly proves the extent of terror from continent to continent.
Murder in cold blood
I am speechless at today’s incident.
Treating Ebola by rooting out its causes
This concerns your editorial ‘Ebola is spreading’ (KT, December 11).
Begging menace in emirates
This is in response to the issue of the rising trend of begging in emirates, and wherein people are being duped by these cons.
Frozen food: it's best to be cautious
Many frozen meals contain between 700 to 1,800 mg of sodium.
Begging is now a profession
Enough has been written on the increasing trend of begging in the UAE.
Begging in Sharjah
I live in a highrise building in Sharjah, and usually see beggars come all the way to our doorstep and ring the bell for money.
Pakistan need to apologise
Showing the middle finger is not rude but lewd and doesn't showcase sportsmanship.
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