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Changing mindset
The remedy is that religion has to be interpreted at the hands of the learned and not those who have vindictive and sectarian outlook.
Cricket craze
This is the first time India claimed victory over South Africa in the World Cup match, and successfully flexed muscles at Melbourne.
Cruelty at work
The fight for the entire Middle East and its soul has just begun.
Are you being served?
Listening to music while cooking makes the art a pleasure and something to look forward to
Exam fever
Parents’ unstinted support, inspiring words and standing by them in all circumstances definitely have a positive impact on children.
Of pedestrians
The authorities need to realise that putting up the barriers won’t stop the pedestrians.
Life lessons from a role model
The article ‘Driving lessons from Egyptian father’ in Thursday’s Spectrum drove home the values that are more valuable than valuables.
Medicines and cure
Thanks to health insurance facility, even a sneeze or a mild headache lead us to a doctor.
English on Hindi radio stations
I have been a listener of many radio stations which play the usual Indian Hindi Bollywood songs. My observations are as follows:
Letter to Delta CEO
US-UAE Business Council President Danny Sebright has issued a strong response to recent comments made by Delta CEO, Richard Anderson, linking the current open skies debate to the September 11th terrorist attacks.
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