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Women of our times
The humorous yet thought provoking write up; ‘Women are from Vain us’ brought an instantaneous smile as it could be related to perfectly.
Family bonding
This is response to the article, ‘The secrets of happy families’ (wknd, Oct, 17). In every conceivable manner, family is a link to our past and present and a bridge to our future.
Metro users
This is in response to the letter ‘Metro trends’ (KT, October 17).
Ebola call
The statement from world body chief that no country has come forward to fund the Ebola crisis is very disappointing.
Credit nuisance
I have been a prominent bank’s credit card holder since more than 10 years.
A holistic approach
This is in response to the editorial ‘A holistic approach’ (KT, October 16).
Ebola menace
This is in response to the letter ‘Ebola virus’ (KT, October 16).
Metro trends
This is in response to the letters in these columns regarding the behaviour of the people as they embark and disembark on the Metro.
The threat of Ebola virus
It is now being officially announced that the Ebola threat has spread across the world, and the disease is one of the biggest pandemic of living history.
‘Bespoke’ person
Removal of ‘Modi’vated Sashi Tharoor, due to his alleged allegiance to Modi, from the post of Congress spokesperson, dealt a huge blow to democratic construct of Indian politics.
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