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Government rejects demand for Charan Singhís memorial
They were protesting against the governmentís moves to force Singh and some other former Members of Parliament (MPs) to vacate official accommodation provided to them, now that they have ceased to hold any office.
Indian Muslims patriotic: Narendra Modi
Al Qaeda announced the formation of its first wing dedicated to waging jihad in South Asia earlier this month. A few days later it claimed responsibility for failed attack on Pakistani navyís dockyard.
Scotland: Better together
Scotland showed the world that freedom can be sought peacefully and democratically, with identity and self-determination as the pillars and not divisiveness.
Lizard in food sends 300 school children in India to hospital
A dead lizard was found in one of the seven food containers provided under Indiaís midday meal scheme at a government school in southern city of Bangalore.
Alex Salmond to quit after independence loses
The referendumís result prevented a rupture of a 307-year union with England, bringing a huge sigh of relief to Britainís economic and political establishment.
India sentences 5 men to 20 years for teenage rape-murder
ďA fast-track court on Friday sentenced five people in Madhyamgram gang-rape case to 20 years in jail,Ē Manjit Singh, the stateís chief public prosecutor told AFP.
Alex Salmond quits as Scotlandís leader
Salmond, 59, told reporters at a news that he was proud of the campaign and the record turnout for Thursdayís vote.
Air France strike extends into weekend
The company said it will have to scrap 55 per cent of its flights on Saturday, when pilotsí unions will also announce whether the strike will continue into a second week.
Polandís Radoslaw Sikorski removed from foreign ministry in new cabinet
After seven years as top diplomat, Sikorski is likely to take over as parliamentary speaker, the job Ewa Kopacz held before her appointment as premier.
Nepal, India sign deal to build hydropower plant
The deal will see Indian infrastructure giant GMR construct a 900-megawatt hydropower project on Nepalís Karnali river that is forecast to generate electricity from 2021 onwards.
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