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Yes he Khan!
Filmstars who get accolade with Rs100 crores box office hits, should have a “Wisden-type” scorecard like they have for cricketers.
Of mini vans and speed
Mini vans are the most cost efficient and easy to commute in any area, at any time, and also safe if driven responsibly.
Annual rent increase in Sharjah
My landlord increased my apartment rent by almost 50 per cent on my first renewal.
The Iraqi conundrum
It is really sad the Iraqi people are at the mercy of bunch of terrorists, the so-called Isil who do not care international laws, respect religious freedom of others and are committing genocide of unarmed civilians. I have an emotional attachment to this great country.
Rent cap in Sharjah
I appreciate Sharjah Municipality’s decision to stop annual rent increase. It will be a big relief for thousands of low and middle-income tenants.
Bill stickers on doors
It has become a routine affair for some people to stick handbills and other advertisements on the doors and balconies.
Elusive peace in the Middle East
The slaughter of innocent people in the Middle East is totally and utterly unacceptable. For 60 years now the stench of war and conflict has enveloped the world.
Job stress and health problems
Apropos the column ‘Job stress ups diabetes’ (KT August 10). In today’s fast-paced world, we live high-pressured lives. Hence stress has become an integral part of life.
Ukraine quagmire and global upheavals
This is in response to the Opinion article, ‘The Ukraine quagmire’ (KT August 10). The author writes about a Third World War over the crisis in Ukraine.
Upset in the Middle East
While Gaza continues to be a nightmare following the ongoing conflict, the civilians, including women and children, trapped on Mount Sinjar in Iraq is another biggest humanitarian crisis the region is facing today.
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