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Smart learning: A smart move
UAE needs to be highly commended for introducing the “smart learning” programme in their school system.
Child’s torture
Are we not human beings? Do we not fear Allah? Did she not know before marriage that she had to take care of children from the man’s previous marriage?
Producer’s suicide: A tragic way out
Financial woes have led to the suicide of a film producer and his family in Dubai. It’s tragic that people take such shortcuts to overcome their problems and drag their spouses and kids along.
Zayed, the visionary
As a Pakistani living in Karachi I would like to pay tribute to Shaikh Zayed.
Leaving children inside cars
A couple of months back I was heading to my car and I saw a little girl hitting the glass with her fists as she was locked up inside the car.
Domestic workers’ issues should be addressed
This is in response to problems being faced by domestic servants. The issues are many. There’s a risk in asking domestic helpers to get medical certificates from their home country because it is very easy to forge documents in some of these countries.
Fight against racism
The letter on racism mentioning certain countries that are exempt from visa applications warrants a response.
Mother abandoned at airport
My heart bleeds imagining the sight of an elderly 75-year-old mother left stranded and crying at the Dubai airport [KT, July 15]. Her four children, who are UAE residents, are well-settled and have good jobs.
The Israeli onslaught
It’s a shame for Israel attacking the civilian community in Palestine. By killing women, children and the elders, the so-called ‘Operation Protective Edge’ is not going to stretch Israel a word of sympathy from any of its partners across the world.
Unsavoury demeanour of Sreesanth
Former pace bowler Sreesanth, who has been in the news several times in the past for battling his volatile temper issues on the pitch, has done it again on the Dance Reality Show Jalak Dikhala Jaa (KT, July 15).
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