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Use/abuse of BCC
I think that the use of BCC option in any e-mail correspondence should be controlled /restricted.
The ISIS barbarians
The new criminal and inhuman act of the so called ISIS is chilling, appalling and barbaric. One more innocent human being is mercilessly killed.
Greener measures that help
Recently I came from India to visit my son.
Vitamin D deficiency issue
The vitamin D epidemic is overblown!
Beggars with stories
This is with reference to the news item, ‘Do not give to beggars…’ (KT, Sept. 13).
Global carmakers
If the government of India won’t pay keen attention to this reminder, reminding about the red-tape, corruption, virus of socialism and communism in the mindset of the workers and the government, shabby infrastructure and uneven tax laws from State to State etc; then the open invitation to invest in India won’t be responded with blind optimism.
Scottish vote on independence
This is in response to the news item (KT, Sept. 11), which says British Prime Minister David Cameron begs: “don’t break my heart” over the possible ‘Yes’ verdict in Scotland.
ISIS enigma
We kill our humanity first. Why is this so? War is unnatural. War is merely mass murder sanctioned by the state or its political institutions. It is unnatural for humans to kill other humans. How do you overcome this natural human disinclination to engage in mass murder?
Velvet glove
A current example is the Scots voting in the September 18 referendum on independence from the UK. It has been a protracted tussle for the people there that will now be heard with finality.
Of bowlers
If any person from Pakistan was facing these charges I am quite sure that everyone in cricket world was shouting that he should be removed from ICC chairman post till the apex court clears his name.
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