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The dowry system
My maid did everything she could to gather dowry for her daughter’s marriage. She wished to make her daughter’s in-laws contented and satisfied, yet after the marriage her daughter was being bad mouthed by her greedy in-laws.
Governments ignoring Ebola patients
The disease that emanated from Africa is now threatening almost the entire world.
End of combat in Afghanistan
This is in response to the editorial, ‘End of combat’ (KT, December 10). It is a fact that a decade long presence of foreign troops had undermined the credentials of local authorities in manning their own security, and now it is an uphill task to pick up the mantle from the scratch.
Twitter arrest in India
The success that authorities concerned have had in arresting a person who was working for the ISIS group in India is appreciated.
Life is like that
The piece ‘The fire needs to be Lit’ struck a chord with its poignant message delivered in the characteristic humourous style of the author.
More Bangladesh news
It’s not just news in Bangladesh that does not get more coverage, but even sports is often ignored or played down.
Check credentials
Large numbers of Indians have been attending these exhibitions and putting in their hard earned savings into the projects that are being promoted.
Noble cause
Let the peace-loving people in India and Pakistan work with Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzai and help them achieve their noble goals.
Fines slashed
This is in response to the news that the Ministry of Labour has decided to slash the accumulated fines.
Heavy school bags
“Papa, it’s heavy you can’t carry this, leave it” says the son in the article. (KT, December 10) about school bag. He was referring to the school bag.
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