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Big dreams for kids
We live in an era where kids, at their tender age, are taught to dream big or aim high.
Safeguard women
Intimidation, sexual abuse, economic deprivation, rape and mutilation harms the feminine soul.
The lone wolf
The tendency to boast one group to get another has simply backfired.
Go Green
To go green, we must adopt habits that positively impact the environment. We can put into practice eco-friendly methods to save our planet.
Women safety
According to a news item, an Indian arms factory has designed a lightweight revolver for women to help protect her-self from rape incidents, which are on the rise these days.
Unfair approach
Tehran’s nuclear ambitions have long been on the agenda of global discussions involving the Middle East, the United States and the United Nations.
Joy of small things
The write-up 'The joy of small things' (KT, March 20) greeted the readers with simple reminders, which are often forgotten though they are extremely significant.
Solar flight another historic addition for UAE
This is furtherance to the news item that solar flight landed in Myanmar from India, as it plans to go around the world.
Netanyahu is back
This is in response to the editorial, ‘Another term for Netanyahu’ (KT, March 19).
Talents in Dubai
It is with great pleasure I read two stories today in City Times today, both relating to talents from Dubai making it big in the Indian film industry.
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