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A look at the Ebola timeline
The World Health Organistion now says that it would take at least four months to contain the deadly virus.
Coalition imbroglio in India
The Maharashtra assembly election result has thrown up more challenges than solutions, as coalition equations are leading to intriguing conundrum.
Shabby houses and the need for renovations
It is matter to note that landlords of the rented houses increase rent intermittently and collect the rent timely, but they do not bother towards the dilapidated conditions of their houses.
Humans, leave space, alone
No one denies that we have mismanaged the earth’s environment and real solutions are urgently needed, but caring for the Earth and exploring space should not be a proposition.
Gang busted in Sharjah
This is in response to the action taken by the Sharjah Police against cons.
Of degrees in the Middle East
Most of the so-called “prestigious” schools that set up shop here are “in” purely for the money.
Married bachelors in Gulf countries
In Gulf counties, there are many married bachelors. Some leave their family temporarily and some leave permanently in home country.
Israeli excesses in Palestine
Tel Aviv is using Arab anger at ongoing desecrations of Al Quds in Occupied Jerusalem to justify expansion of colonies.
Gender privilege in the Metro
With reference to the ongoing ‘Metro’ concerns reported by various readers, it is to be noted that many female commuters occupy general seats (which are gender non-specific) even if plenty of ladies/children’s seats are available at arm’s length, thus making fellow male passengers standing.
Screening for Ebola should be mandatory
The virus from Africa has now become the biggest threat to human race, and if it is not curbed than it is bound to serious social and economic repercussions.
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