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Lone Algerian crash survivor joins a ‘lucky’ group
The Algerian soldier who was the sole survivor of the crash of a military jet that killed 76 joins a group of people who carry a burden unique to those who live through mass tragedy.
“Every age thinks of itself as the most anxious”
The Atlantic magazine editor suffers from a litany of fears most readers have never heard about.
New smartphone game, a cure for cancer?
By engaging in the new ‘Genes to Space’ game, players spot patterns in vast amounts of genetic data, hopefully leading researchers to a cure...
Book review: Harvest by Jim Crace
In his 2013 Man Booker Prize-shortlisted Harvest, Jim Crace weaves a tale of displacement and loss, using rhythmic prose based on the tradition of oral narrative
Currency is power and the dollar’s still got it, book says
IT SEEMS COUNTERINTUITIVE, but cash-hoarding criminals can be dep-ended upon to uphold the international monetary order, or so a new book maintains.
Andalusia Spain: The gem of Cordoba
Explore the little known Spanish gem of Cordoba, from mosques to olive groves and culinary treats
DNA shows ancient hunter had blue eyes, dark skin
A hunter-gatherer who lived in Europe some 7,000 years ago probably had blue eyes and dark skin, a combination that has largely disappeared from the continent in the millennia since, scientists said on Tuesday.
Streaming away the pain by making music videos
Making music videos is a therapy that helps young cancer patients connect
Book review: Khalid Mohamed's Faction
Faction, a collection of 22 short stories by Indian film personalities — commissioned and edited by director/journalist Khalid Mohamed — combines fiction with slices of life
Author of schizophrenia novel continues to nurse
A registered mental health nurse, Nathan Filer, won the prestigious Costa Book of the Year Award for 2013 on Tuesday for his 
debut novel The Shock of the Fall, but despite his rise to literary celebrity, he is not giving up the day job.
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