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Pedal Power around the world
While we talk about gender equality over a cup of coffee, Cristina Spinola is cycling around the world and taking the issue to another level. She opens up to NANDINI SANAN on her African India adventures
Bose: A sound investment
A couple of years ago a headphone was not on any music lover’s must have list. They were, as many would describe it, “boring useful things.”
Listen to music and track
 health vitals
Technology does not always have to be the preoccupation of ‘techies’ alone but can be interesting and interactive for any of us. Every week, Techtroniks will talk about new developments, tech czars and tech users, their favourite gadgets. Plus reviews and simply fun facts to know.
No more baby bloomers
Babies cannot speak but they have a way of communicating with their parents non-verbally — be it by smiling when tickled, or screaming when hungry or signalling the need of change of diapers by crying vociferously.
Victory lap for Narendra Modi
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to be a very happy man these days as his victory lap continues unabated.
Harriette Thompson: Running for life
Age is just a number in your head, you can either let it pull you down or you can use the increasing number of your years on this earth as a symbol of how much more you can achieve in your life.
Cats the way
Want to get your back up on world leaders who you don’t approve of?
From studios to streets of Delhi
Few years ago, Delhi’s walls were covered only with betel stains and worn-out posters, but there’s a sea change of late, with modern art forms taking over. From the narrow bylanes of Shahpur Jat in south Delhi to Shankar Market in central Delhi, graffiti is the new form of expression
Vroom with a view
Arab Supercars delight British auto enthusiasts
Love locked
TOO MUCH LOVE, like everything else in life, can hurt. And damage. Town authorities in Paris, arguably the most romantic city in the world, is facing a crisis over the hundreds of thousands of love locks that couples tie onto its bridges, throwing away the keys into the river flowing below, as a mark of their eternal love.
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