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Carry On, Carrie
The King of Horror’s first published novel Carrie gets a new lease of life — coinciding with a rather disappointing cinematic remake. A slew of new personal insights and a compelling cover are the only add-ons to Carrie’s second coming, but the book is definitely worth a re-visit… if only to know how and why the legend of Stephen King was born in print
A dose of prescription reality
Many kids are not taking their prescribed medications, or take an incorrect dose, due to weaknesses in the chain from prescribing to filling prescriptions to administering medication, according to a new review of past studies.
Pepper, the Robot
‘Be like me!’ says wise-cracking robot, maybe the world’s first mechanical stand-up comedian
How do you say ‘art’ in Tagalog?
Philippine’s most popular visual artists are exhibiting in the UAE — all month long at the Abu Dhabi Art Hub
What women want
Anuradha Vijayakrishnan’s debut novel Seeing The Girl features some brilliant writing but takes the ‘complicated women’ narrative a bit too seriously.
‘Bear’ truths of the Yeti exposed
Goats, cows, horses, bears and even racoons, but no Big Foot, as science tackles the age old myth of the abominable snowman and his counterparts
New York exhibit shows an art form unfolding
Many of the works in the show are representations of animals, but contemporary techniques allow for detail and texture unheard of decades ago.
Soaps and Glory
Australian producer Trudi-Ann Tierney made several successful soap operas for Afghan television — she captures the experience in her new book Making Soapies in Kabul
Wheeling in Napoli
Busy and bustling Naples is now green, clean, and bike-friendly
Mutant Mistress
James Patterson’s new thriller novel is a stark departure from some of his earlier brilliance
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