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Footloose, not quite fancy-free
Girl-on-the-go Anjaly Thomas’s Almost Intrepid almost doesn’t live up to guidebook notions — but it reveals the secret world of a single woman traveller… one who’s not afraid to say it as it is
Cousteau nears end of underwater living experiment
Cousteau swims in pioneering grandfather’s currents; nears the end of underwater living experiment
People hiring photographers to shoot everyday life
People are now taking self-documentation to the next level — by hiring photographers for everyday photos
A Picasso hidden in a Picasso
A bearded man has been discovered in Pablo Picasso’s Blue Room — the painting, that is — acco-rding to a US museum attempting to put an end to a decades-old question.
Pooch restaurant leaves canines wagging tails
Pestaurace is the Czech Republic’s addition to a growing list of dog dining ventures around the world.
Book Review: The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton
Author Eleanor Catton is well deserving of her claim to fame as youngest winner of the Man Booker prize. The Luminaries is proof of that
Canine, French and a Fashionista
Shimizu opens up about her very own French bulldog, who recently arrived in Dubai
Swiss chef crowned pasta world champion
The PWC is open only to chefs who are certified as Italian Cuisine Master Chefs (ICMC), according to the Barilla Academy
Mind-controlled robo-suits coming soon
A Japanese robot-maker on Wednesday showed off suits that the wearer can control just by thinking, as it said it was linking up with an industrial city promoting innovation.
Did fist fights drive evolution of human face?
Talk about a knuckle sandwich
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