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Nothing’s fair in love and war
Kate Mosse’s Citadel is uncomfortably long-winded but makes you respect all the brave men and women who’ve ever laid down their lives fighting for a just cause
Mark of the Neanderthals
New rock engravings suggest that Neanderthals might be closer to us than we think
'Roofers' get a thrill exploring St. Petersburg from up high
The pastel palaces and golden-domed buildings of Russia’s former royal city have become the roofers’ elevated playground.
Fast, not furious in Asia's 'nanny state'
Life is fast, not furious, in the indoor adventure complexes of Asia’s ‘nanny state’
The Leaning lady of Italy
The Tower of Pisa, a marble marvel, immortalised in kitsch souvenir shops, has stood the test of time and gravity
Book Review: Up, up and away
Dark, edgy, and 
non-linear, The Ravens by Tomas Bannerhed, with its intense descriptions of birds and nature, may not be ideal reading for everybody
No Photos Please!
An increasing number of parents are bucking the trend of sharing their children’s photos, names and identities online
The Peruvian cat whisperer
Maria Torero cares for sick people at work and looks after sick cats at home.
Oh, Calcutta!
Literary travelogue writer Bishwanath Ghosh’s third book — Longing, Belonging: An Outsider at Home in Calcutta, captures the sense and sensibilities of the city
Jack McDeere and the A-Team
James Patterson’s Private LA is a fast-paced mash of story arcs that feels more like a broadcast TV drama than a crime novel
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