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Etihad roundabout in UAQ to be closed from next week
Traffic and Patrols department has built many speed humps on the main and internal roads around the area to ensure road users’ safety.
United Arab Emirates launches national space agency strategy
Agency Chairman Khalifa Mohammed Thani Al Rumaithi said the space industry will help diversify the country’s economy and create highly skilled jobs for a growing youth population.
Contact number 998 re-activated for National Ambulance
From May 25 all calls from the Northern Emirates will be directed to the National Ambulance Communications Centre, thus reducing the time it takes to activate an ambulance.
Pools must be used only if lifeguard is present: DM
Building managements should keep lifeguards at the time when people are allowed to use the pool, says municipality official.
Spare some time for workers’ kids back home
Smart Life Foundation, which organises various projects for the welfare of blue-collar workers, has sought volunteers to support its project Sapna, which targets to educate workers' children.
Life has not been easy for last year’s Smart Idol
Pakistani restaurant delivery boy, who is jobless now, says life has gone back to square one after months of fame following his win.
Is your robot smart enough for the Capital’s challenge?
Inaugural Mohammed Bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge to consist of three challenges and a triathlon-type ‘Grand Challenge.
Employer needs to get employee ID cards for staff
If your employer is not applying for employee ID that is usually provided by free-zone authorities, you can contact the labour relations department at the free-zone concerned.
How green are you prepared to go when it comes to cars?
Despite the government’s plan to roll out 100 charging stations for electric vehicles by end of 2015, the demand for e-cars has not soared.
Workers get Dh23 million in dues, thanks to Dubai Police
Despite the increase in the number of workers, only 35 protests were reported in 2014, as compared to 87 in 2010.
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