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Crime & Emergencies

Two killed in separate accidents in Sharjah
Two Asians died in separate accidents that took place over the weekend in Sharjah. The first accident occurred when a speeding four-wheeler crashed into a motorbike parked on the roadside pavement in Al Qaraen area.
Two crushed to death in crane collapse in Sharjah
The workers were standing under the crane, directing its driver to lift up the concrete, when all of sudden the crane collapsed due to a technical fault.
Seven phone scammers arrested in Sharjah
The suspects would call mobile numbers randomly and convince them that they had won a grand prize from a well-known company in the UAE.
Man murdered in row over distribution of massage cards
Suspect says he was beaten up by the victim and another man first after row over distributing advertisement cards.
Two killed as car rams stationary truck in Dubai
A speeding motorist noticed the stationary truck late and his car rammed the back of the heavy vehicle.
Four-year-old killed in desert safari accident
Boy flung out as the 4WD in which the family was enjoying the desert safari turned turtle in the Madam area of Sharjah.
Capitalís cameras record 3,964 traffic violations
Images of traffic violations including jumping red signals were captured without a flash by special cameras
147 driving licences suspended in Al Ain
The Al Ain Traffic Section at the Traffic and Patrols Directorate at Abu Dhabi Police, confiscated 147 driving licences and cancelled one, in February.
Man killed in suspected drunken fight in Dubai
Four suspects arrested the body of an Emirati was found behind a hotel.
34-year-old Emirati killed in traffic accident in Dubai
The four-wheeler driven by the deceased crashed into a heavy truck, which had stopped suddenly in the fast lane.
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